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Why That Strange Symbol Appears to Me on My Account Image

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Hello everyone, my name is A.Maurizio
I am writing to you because it is a while since you have put a strange symbol on my Account Image.
In addition, my Question a week ago was shelved.
Therefore I would like to Kindly know the reason for all this.
And how can I solve this problem to get back to normal.
Thanks Greetings from A.Maurizio

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Sergio I don't deny that for
a few days I was
worried Because not only did I not receive answers to my questions But I saw that new symbol appear on my image.
So I immediately thought I had combined
one of mine without wanting to Only due to the fact that I understand very little English and Spanish.
But now thanks to you
and everything is OK Thank you so much for your clarification on this. Greetings to all
With sympathy and friendship from A.Maurizio

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