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  1. Thanks Antoni As always you are fantastic Not that the others are outdone? but you have an extra gear. But I have to make you a confession which is this: Since since I had asked for this kind of help; It's been a while. No offense to anyone; Do not mention it! As always, I did not give up and trying and trying again, I then decided to take other paths. Therefore I changed the method and now everything works perfectly and Always; Even when I change my destination. And since I was particularly keen on this work of mine, as it was the first time I went into the meanders of Simultaneous Translation from Excel Sheet and Google Translator. I wanted to be able to do everything to the best of my ability So much so that I want to give you a copy So that you can give me your feeling about it. And this and how much. Hello and Thanks with Sincere Friendship from A.Maurizio I don't know if it gets there but i emailed it Sending Attachment
  2. Thanks Sergio I don't deny that for a few days I was worried Because not only did I not receive answers to my questions But I saw that new symbol appear on my image. So I immediately thought I had combined one of mine without wanting to Only due to the fact that I understand very little English and Spanish. But now thanks to you and everything is OK Thank you so much for your clarification on this. Greetings to all With sympathy and friendship from A.Maurizio
  3. Hello everyone, my name is A.Maurizio I am writing to you because it is a while since you have put a strange symbol on my Account Image. In addition, my Question a week ago was shelved. Therefore I would like to Kindly know the reason for all this. And how can I solve this problem to get back to normal. Thanks Greetings from A.Maurizio
  4. Hello everybody My new problem is this. On an Excel sheet with office 2007 I extract links relating to images from a web page. And I insert them in the 8 lines starting from the cell ("B10: B17") And so far everything is ok In turn, the related images are extracted from these links. Now the problem is this: 1) I would like the first image to be imprinted only in the cell (A2) While all the others were positioned at each extraction in the row ("A6: G6") 2) at the same time I would like the procedure start button Remain unchanged in its place That's all, thanks in advance for all the help you want to give me in this regard. Thanks from A.Maurizio Solo_Link_Image_Web.xlsm
  5. Hi Haplox don't worry about what I wrote in my last post. As in the end of everything I then solved it in this way: Which was what I wanted to achieve from the start And this is my finished work. Infinite Thanks for everything you have done so far Sincere greetings from A.Maurizio (P.S) For about a month or so I won't bother you anymore As I have to do my job in Florida Therefore it will take some time before I can think of a new project. Hello and Thanks With Sympathy from A.Maurizio Formatazione_Del_Tipo_Gantt_Per_Alessandro_Colombo (version 2).xlsm
  6. Ciao Haplox in practice I wanted; Always out of curiosity and for Personal Learning Understand this: Since your method is perfect as you wrote it to me. But it is in Vertical format, that is, its data for each column I was wondering this: And if the only letter of the column (C) instead of being highlighted in Vertical form I wanted it in the Format (Horizontal) but only this column; How and what should I write to get all this. I'll explain : Now starting from the column (A3: C100) I get this format: 15/04/2021 Thursday G 04/16/2021 Friday V. 17/04/2021 Saturday S. But if I wanted to get the same thing but only that column C instead of being written in Vertical form I wanted it in Horizontal form! Written Cosi? 15/04/2021 Thursday G V S 04/16/2021 Friday 17/04/2021 Saturday I assume you have to change the state from (Row) to (Colunm) only that in your case already perfect so I don't know where to put my hands. Therefore I wonder how I can change this situation. or is it not possible? (P.S) I found on the internet that it is possible to achieve all this by writing this function =MATR.TRASPOSTA(C3:C5) But now I can adapt it to my function created by you. now I try and then I'll let you know Thanks anyway for your support; I always reiterate that you are Fantastic. Thanks
  7. Ciao Haplox in pratica Volevo ; Sempre per curiosità e per Apprendimento Personale Capire questo: Visto ché il tuo metodo e perfetto cosi come me lo hai scritto tu. Ma e in formato Verticale, cioè ad ogni colonna il suo dato Mi stavo chiedendo questo: E se la sola lettera della colonna (C) anziché evidenziarsi in forma Verticale Io lo volessi nel Formato (Orizzontale) ma solo questa colonna; Come e cosa dovrei Scrivere per ottenere tutto questo. mi spiego meglio : Ora io a partire dalla colonna (A3:C100) ottengo questo formato: 15/04/2021 giovedì G 16/04/2021 venerdì V 17/04/2021 sabato S
  8. Hi Haplox you are absolutely right I was thinking differently I beg your pardon and it was my intention to offend your kindness in giving me explanations every time that for me are a source of inspiration and help you give me to increase my knowledge. Infinite Thanks Truly. (P.S) You will be so dentile in explaining this to me: Then Ca Column (A) receives the Date and Column (B) Receives the Day of the Week and so far everything is OK But if for example the Letter that belongs to Column (C) for personal need I also wanted to extend it by row and not by column It would be fine if I added Colunm in this point: Written like this: Target.Offset (, 2) = UCase (Left (Target.Offset (colunm, 1), 1)) Or you have to completely change the Method That's all. Thank you
  9. Hi Haplox you are right but it was only mine a way to understand if there was another way to take advantage of the click of the button and not the chick on a cell that's all. But don't worry it's beautiful even so You are still great: He always learns a lot with you. Thank you.
  10. Hi Haplox First I have to give you my most sincere congratulations on your work As I after many years that I plan everything and more with your help I am amazed when I am faced with having to interact with the columns. I do not have yet what the denominator thread could be to understand how to interact even I am in a very simple way. Having said that Thanks again for everything But I wanted to ask you this: You kept the fact that I interact with the dates and days of the week; I clicked on the cell of column (A) But if I wanted to extract everything automatically by removing that annoying (Target - Intercet) What could I write in their place to make sure that: I write the dates in column (A), then I press a button placed on the sheet and in Automatic it brings me back to column (B) and (C) everything you and I have done. So I wouldn't have to use (Target) that's all. Thanks for all the help you want to give me. Sincere Greetings And Good Evening from Maurizio
  11. Hello everyone as always when it comes to evaluating by column; I lose myself in a glass of water. My problem is this: 1) In Column (A2: A200) I should enter dates 2) I would like you to write me only the day of the week of that date every time I enter the dates in the column (B2: B200). 3) While in column (C2: C200) he wrote me the same thing as in column (B) but taking only the first letter. As for example: If in Column (B) it is written (Monday) in Column (C) it should only show the letter (L) that's all! Thanks as always for all the help you want to give me about it. Greetings from Maurizio Modificare_Giorni_Set_e_Giorni_Set_Solo_Prima_Lettera.xlsm
  12. Perfect Haplox You are fantastic as always now I have no more problems to go on Thank you so much and good evening to you, all your staff and your family. Sincere Greetings From A.Maurizio
  13. Hi Aplox Listen Always do everything with peace of mind But if you help me to solve this problem; I solved all the others by modifying your Previous help. the Problem and this itself in the columns (I1: i200) I write the term (change balance) and in the adjacent cell of the column (J1: J200) I write a number (> 0) Column (P) should read the word (CS) all here thanks As always you are fantastic.
  14. Hello Haplox Fiatto Il Vacino! Listen and just as described by you Or if you prefer what I said If in Column (C1: C200) in addition to writing other things, the name (btp fut) or (btp ital) is reported then in Column (P) an "L" must appear Clearly the (L) must be on the same line as the Term (btp fut) o (btp ital). Ditto for column (D) as if I enter a lower date in Column (D1: D200) you have 5 working days compared to today's date Then in Column (P) the letter (D) must be reported A little more complicated is what is in the columns (I1: J200) as in this case it should do the evaluation that if in Column (I) I write (change balance) and in the adjacent cell of column (J) I write a number (> 0) In column (P) there should be written the word (CS) And finally if in the column (K1: K200) I write the term (square) in the column (P) the letter (Q) should appear And this and how much. (P.S) I tried your routine but at the moment in column (P) nothing appears.
  15. Hi Everyone My new problem is this: On an Excel sheet in Column (C) 1) I would like that every time I enter a word like ("btp fut") or write ("btp ital") the letter (L) should appear in Column (P) 2) While If in Column (D) I enter a Date less than 5 days compared to today's date We will have to create the lettara (D) in the column (P) 3) If in Column (I) the Writing ("change balance") is shown and in Column (J) it does not contain (0), the Letters (CS) in column (P) should appear 4) If in column (K) I write the word ("square *") Write the letter (Q) in Column (P) Let's say I don't expect you to do all the work for me But that you help me to solve even his first questions Then I think I'll be able to do it all by myself thanks to the rest. Greetings from A.Maurizio macro controller.xlsm
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