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Finding All Reports In A Database When I Search With Access Using vba

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Finding All Reports In A Database When I Search With Access Using vba Hi everyone, my name is Maurizio And my problem is this: With Access I'm trying to create a database with its mask. And so far so good Now that I would like to solve would be this: In the mask that I created I inserted a Textbox and a Button to search for a Specific Customer Haora all this I managed to solve it, Except for the fact that: While the Name entered in the textbox fits perfectly in the cell named Name All other records belonging to this person do not change Therefore you could give me a hand on this problem using the vba Thanks (P.s) If you want to have a look at my project you can download everything using this link https://app.box.com/s/uj63e4zjbwbyrlim65n7u451oxjoz52g

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Hola romano
Gracias de todo corazón por lo que me diste en forma de proyecto.

Finalmente entendí dónde estaba equivocado y ahora, gracias a su intervención, todo va muy bien.

Pero si no soy demasiado intrusivo

¿Podría explicarme cómo puedo abrir una tabla en lugar de la máscara?

Lo explicaré:

En su proyecto después de ingresar la contraseña, abra otra máscara; Y hasta ahora todo bien.

Pero si no quisiera abrir otro formulario sino una tabla, tengo un informe existente, ¿qué debo escribir?

Gracias ahora por toda la ayuda que quieres darme.
Saludos sinceros de A.Maurizio


Hi Romano
Thank you with all my heart For what you gave me in the form of a project.

I finally understood where I was wrong and now thanks to your intervention everything is going great.

But if I'm not too intrusive

Could you still explain to me how I can open a Table instead of the Mask?

I'll explain:

In your Project after entering the password open another mask; And so far so good.

But if I didn't want to open another form but rather a table, I have an existing report, what should I write?

Thanks right now for all the help you want to give me
Sincere greetings from A.Maurizio

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Sub Apri_Tabella()
On Error Resume Next
DoCmd.OpenTable "Tabella_Database", acViewNormal
End Sub

Hola, revisa este código.

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Hola rolano
Una vez más mil veces gracias
¡Estuviste fantástico!
No había notado el cambio en el código, pero ahora todo funciona muy bien.
Gracias de nuevo por todo Saludos sinceros y buenos días


Hi Rolano
Once Again A Thousand Times Thank You
You were fantastic !!!!!!!
I hadn't noticed the change in the code, but now everything works great.
Thanks again for everything Sincere Greetings and Good Morning

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Hola escucha, te estoy molestando una vez más porque no puedo encontrar nada en Internet.
 Tal vez porque no puedo escribir una pregunta correcta, como sea, mi pregunta y esta: hay una manera de tener éxito siempre usando el vba para asegurarme de que la máscara de acceso siempre abro;  Posicionarme en el centro de mi pantalla o en una parte de ella que deseo.

 Permítanme explicar mejor: una vez recuerdo eso cuando usé Vb6
 Si quisiera centrar su forma en la pantalla.
 Fue suficiente para mí escribir dentro de su form_load (Me.left = 100) y (Me.Top = 100) y el juego estaba listo.

 Con la máscara de acceso, ¿cómo puede lograr todo esto?

 Siempre sin compromiso, también podrías ayudarme a resolver este problema.  Gracias


Hi listen, I'm disturbing you once again because I can't find anything concrete on the internet.
 Maybe because I am not able to type a right question, however it may be, my question, and this: There is a way to succeed always using the vba to make sure that the access mask I always open;  Position yourself in the center of my screen or on a part of it that I desire.

 Let me explain better: I once remember that when I used Vb6
 If I wanted to center its form on the screen.
 It was enough for me to write inside its form_load (Me.left = 100) and (Me.Top = 100) and the game was done.

 With the Access mask how can you achieve all this.

 Always without obligation, you could help Ame to solve this problem too.  Thanks

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Thanks once again for your support, I did not know that you could use the bees of windows to solve these types of problems too.  But it is also true that the Windows API was and continues to be very powerful functions if you know how to use it well.  for the rest, thanks again for everything you have been able to do for me!  yours has been an excellent learning background towards me;  Nor will I make good use of it.  Thank you very much and have a nice day.  (p.s) This time I really don't bother you anymore.  thanks

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