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    Dinkys reacted to overdrive in Crear horas en formato texto a formato horas y minutos   
    Mira a ver si te vale esta macro. No me deja adjuntar el archivo.
    Sub SustituirStrings() Dim rHoras As Range, rTabla As Range, rDatos As Range Dim sh As Worksheet Set sh = ActiveSheet Set rTabla = sh.UsedRange Set rDatos = rTabla.Offset(1).Resize(rTabla.Rows.Count - 1) With rDatos Set rHoras = Union(.Columns(14), .Columns(15), .Columns(16), .Columns(18), .Columns(19)) With rHoras .Replace "h ", ":", xlPart .Replace "m", "", xlPart .NumberFormat = "hh:mm" End With End With End Sub  
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